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That Ancient Faith

Luke Wilson | 26th October 2016 | Theology, Eschatology | 0 commentsComment with Disqus
26 October
Oct 26
26th October 2016

What is the “eighth day” you may ask; surely we know there are only seven days in a week!   But in ancient times, Sunday – which was also known as the first day of the week, was also referred to as the eighth day by Christians.   This day was considered a holy day from the earliest of times by Christians (despite some weak arguments that Constantine, or the ...

| 25th June 2016 | Current Events, Eschatology | 0 commentsComment with Disqus
25 June
Jun 25
25th June 2016

Has "Brexit" just spoiled “End Times” prophecy?   In a word, no.   Unless of course you are of a Dispensationalist view, then this sudden exit from the European Union by Britain will have caused you some theological holes you may feel the need to patch up.   There’s already been some satire articles posted in light of this, highlighting t...

| 13th June 2016 | Apologetics, Etymology | 0 commentsComment with Disqus
13 June
Jun 13
13th June 2016

You may not have come across this image before, or the similar variants of it. The underlying argument is quite ridiculous, but there does seem to be a sub-culture with Christianity which promotes this has fact quite vigorously. Having seen this get shared at least three times on Facebook in the last month, I decided to add a new category to the blog: Apologetics.   In...

| 27th March 2016 | Theology, Easter | 0 commentsComment with Disqus
27 March
Mar 27
27th March 2016

Easter is upon us once again! Lent is over, Good Friday has passed and now the time for mourning and fasting is complete. It's a time to feast, a time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Christ as we look forward to our own final resurrection!But what really is the resurrection? How will we be resurrected, and what does it mean for us that Jesus rose again? Let’...

| 25th March 2016 | Theology, Easter | 0 commentsComment with Disqus
25 March
Mar 25
25th March 2016

A week or so ago, I stayed the night at a local monastery with a friend. We got to see, and be partially involved in the day to day life of the Monks there, especially during mealtimes. We sat and ate in silence together while someone read to us, which was actually more enjoyable than I expected it to be. I can't remember what the book was called now, but it was to do with the ...

| 28th February 2016 | Theology, Early ChurchComment with Disqus
28 February
Feb 28
28th February 2016

Quite often in discussions which are about or involve some aspects of early church history or practices earlier Christians did, someone will inevitably throw out the "show stopper" that is "it's all just man made tradition" therefore not valid and the discussion is over. It’s as though saying it's "man made", without considering anything other than that they can't find an...

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